A guide to true cybersecurity

Fanger offers a fun and insightful journey into the often confusing world of cybersecurity. The book is aimed at small businesses that want to protect their digital presence.

If you’re a small business, cybersecurity can be scary — but it might be the perfect time to RELAX. This is the message from Ken Fanger30-year cybersecurity veteran and President of On Technology Partners, in his compelling new book on cybersecurity, RELAX: A guide to true cybersecurity.

Drawing on his extensive expertise in the field as well as his experience as an author, Fanger offers an entertaining and insightful journey into the often confusing world of cybersecurity. The book is aimed at small businesses looking to protect their digital presence, while remaining engaging and accessible to anyone who picks it up. RELAX is the epitome of taking an unknown and seemingly complicated subject and making it accessible, desirable and even entertaining.

RELAX: A guide to true cybersecurity

When asked why he wrote the book, Fanger notes, “It was about time there was a cybersecurity book for the rest of us. I created this book with the idea that we are all fed up with fear and just need a better way to approach cybersecurity.”

The book’s engaging approach combines fun, real-world experiences with practical tips that can be implemented immediately to help readers relax and meet their cybersecurity needs. After reading RELAX, Readers will be equipped with the knowledge to advance their cybersecurity journey and navigate their way with the skills, understanding and relaxed attitude needed to protect their data.

Dawn Kendrick, reporter and creator of The Good Stuff Family, describes RELAX as “easy to digest, practical and useful in its approach to security in an increasingly frightening world of questionable cybersecurity. As a reporter, I appreciate the familiar writing style that Fanger uses to break down information in an area where, frankly, he’s brilliant, so we don’t have to be.”

Both On Technology Partners and Fanger are committed to helping small businesses reach their potential, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. In addition to programs such as offering 15 free hours of cybersecurity consulting for businesses in Ohio, RELAX is another tool on the company’s website to support growing businesses and spread knowledge about the cyber protection field.

RELAX: A guide to true cybersecurity is available as an eBook and print version at Amazon.com.

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