Bottle Capping Machines

Bottle Capping Machines are equipment that place, screw, or press caps onto filled bottles. They are used in a variety industry, including beverage packaging and chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing.

Chuck Cappers

These machines are often used for small-scale production lines. They’re also a popular choice in high-volume factories.

They can handle many types of bottles including glass, cans and tins. They are fast and easy-to-use.

For high-speed production, automatic Types of Bottle Capping Machines are a great choice. They are easy to use and don’t require any human operator.

Spindle cappers are also a popular choice for high-volume manufacturers, as they can handle large volumes and can be automated to ensure consistency, speed, and precision. They use sets of spinning disks to grab and tighten the screw-on caps as they’re placed into the machine.

These machines can also be adapted for different bottle shapes and sizes. They are usually made of steel and can be found in many models.

The spindle capping process is easy, but it’s crucial to do it correctly the first and only time. You’ll need to properly align the conveyor and level the capper so that the bottle will stay on the conveyor as it moves through the capping area.

You’ll also need to make sure the air cylinder that will drive the capping machine is installed correctly on the production floor. It must be able to reach the container, and connected to a chuck.

Some machines can be equipped with a separate chute to deliver caps as they move down the conveyor. Others can be fully automated by adding a cap sorter.

E-PAK Machinery provides a variety of chuck caps that can be used for a variety bottles. They can handle flat top, oval, and flip-top caps.

They can also used for safety caps and pull spouts.

These machines can be used for many different purposes, including in the chemical, food, and medical industries. They are often used in sanitization processes. This can be especially useful for certain products like water and other beverages.

They are usually made from 304 stainless. They are lightweight and sturdy, making them a good choice in smaller production facilities. They are easy to maintain and feature a magnetic cap holding mechanism, which is great for time savings.

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