Dentist Dental Implants

Dentist Dental Implant

Consultation with your dentist is the first step in replacing a missing teeth with a dental implants. This will determine which option is best for you. The dentist will then recommend a periodontist, prosthodontist or oral surgeon to perform the surgery.

General dentists are often able to place dental implants without the help of a specialist because they are well versed in placing natural-looking restorations. They can also access continuing education courses on dental implant placement.

An oral surgeon or periodontist is a specialist in treating the structures which support teeth, including bone and gums. During surgery, an oral surgeon or periodontist will first remove any damaged teeth and then prepare the jawbone for implant placement.

The dentist will attach an implant crown that looks similar to your original natural tooth. This crown will give you new dental implant the stability and strength it needs to function like an actual tooth.

Your dentist can select from a wide range of dental crowns designed to look as natural as possible. The crowns can be made from a range of materials, including porcelain, ceramic or metal.

If you have a row with three or four missing teeth, a dentist can create either an All on Four or individualized tooth-supported bridge. This treatment involves implanting two to six dental implants in the gums. Next, a bridge will be attached to fill in the gaps between them.

A Dental Implant West Hills is a great choice for patients missing multiple teeth. It will not only strengthen the bite, but it will also enhance their smile. A dental pontic is a fixed restoration that can be applied to a single lost tooth, several teeth or your entire upper and lower set of teeth.

The bridge can be secured by placing an implant on top and a custom-made cap is made to cover the tooth. The crowns will be made to match both the color and texture your remaining teeth, so they blend in with the rest of your smile.

Mini Implants Are a Big Improvement in Orthodontic Treatment

Mini implants are not only functionally beneficial, but they also allow orthodontists reduce the number braces required to correct a specific orthodontic problem. This treatment eliminates the need for full upper and lower braces on a patient whose problem is limited to one or two teeth and can be corrected in just a single visit with immediate results!

Mini implants are also a great option for fixing a single tooth or a few teeth. They are simple, inexpensive and effective. This makes it easier for orthodontists to provide treatment for their patients with a wide range of orthodontic problems.

Burlingame Smile Studio offers a complimentary consultation to anyone interested in learning how an orthodontist could help with their dental implant. We are committed in providing the highest standard of care. Our orthodontics can assess your unique situation to determine the best course of action.

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