Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Ethiopia is the origin of Arabica Coffee. Today, many of the best Yirgacheffe and Sidamo coffees in the world are grown in this high elevation country. Known for their complex, wine-like flavors and wild acidity, Ethiopian coffees are a popular choice among consumers looking to experience a unique coffee flavor profile.


This variety comes from wild trees located in the Yirgacheffe region in southern Ethiopia. Volcanica Coffee is the origin of this micro-lot, single-origin, coffee. It is roasted fresh and shipped straight away. The coffee’s rich, creamy taste is enhanced by hints strawberry, guava and lavender that add depth to your morning cup.


Sidamo is a region located to the west from Ethiopia’s capital. It is home to some highly sought-after coffees. They have a reputation for being complex and full-bodied with rich, spicy, floral notes.


The Harrar region is located in the eastern part of Ethiopia and produces a variety of different types of coffee. These coffees are distinctive in their flavor, with complex blueberry notes, bright acidity and winey or fruity tones.


Colombia is a nation with diverse climate and geography which makes it ideal for growing Arabica coffee plants. This country’s climate, geography, and soil conditions allow farmers to grow many varieties of coffee and harvest them throughout the year.


This region is well-known for its Arabica coffee plant varieties and the deliciously fruity flavored coffees it produces. It is a favorite among coffee connoisseurs due to its sweet, berry-like flavors and unique flavor that can range from strawberry, pineapple, to guava.

It is also home to some the best  Ethiopian coffee beans in the entire world. These beans are sourced from coffee farms and estates that have been carefully selected for their quality and consistency, with no artificial or genetically modified ingredients allowed.

They are then dry-processed, which helps them retain their natural flavors and aromas. Once a crop becomes ready, it is roasted and can be sold in a variety different ways.

YERGACHEFS can be sourced in single origins, or as a blend. Cubico’s Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee has been freshly roasted, and shipped directly from the farm right to your door. It’s a great option for those who want to experience Ethiopian coffees but don’t have the time or inclination of grinding them.


Columbian coffee is medium-roasted coffee that has a rich, chocolatey flavor and a smooth finish. This coffee is a great choice for those who want a sweeter cup of espresso but don’t want the hassle of roasting their beans.

Most bags won’t have a date on them as they were freshly roasted at the farm where they were purchased. However, because it’s ground, it tends to go stale quickly and needs to be stored in an air-tight container.

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