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Title IX is a federal law that requires all public and private schools to investigate allegations regarding sexual violence. It also prohibits discrimination due to gender that may prevent students from receiving education benefits or services that they are entitled under federal law.

Students accused of violating Title IX could face severe academic and career sanctions. These penalties can have long-lasting effects. It is important to seek legal advice from a Maryland Title IX lawyer Tallahassee immediately.

Your Rights if you are Accused of Title IX Violation

You have the right, if you are being accused of violating Title IX of the Constitution, to a fair and impartial investigation. You have the right, upon being informed of the allegations against you, to present evidence, witnesses, and to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

A Title IX investigation can take a lot of time and can be very tedious. This leaves little time to gather all the evidence that could prove your innocence. Investigators have the option to withhold critical information that could help your case win.

A defense attorney can make the difference in a Title IX case by bringing pressure on the school to conduct the investigation and hearing in a timely, impartial manner. An experienced defense lawyer will inform the school of your rights and work to get your case heard quickly.

Gathering Evidence at a Title IX Audience

Once you are notified you have been charged under Title IX, you should immediately begin to gather all evidence. This will give your case the best chance of success and help you to protect your future.

Your testimony should be compelling to the judge or panel who are considering your case. This is especially important for those accused of a more serious offense such as sexual assault.

You should also be prepared if you are accused of being innocent during a Title IX hearing. Schools operate on the “preponderance” standard. This is essentially the criminal justice system’s version of “beyond the reasonable doubt” where a defendant can be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

This standard places the burden of proof on the accused person, which can lead unfair bias. It’s therefore essential to hire an experienced and aggressive defense lawyer who can help you build a strong case for your innocence.

A defense lawyer can also negotiate an informal resolution if the school does not pursue the formal process or is unable to do so. Often, this can result in an agreement to settle the complaint outside of a hearing in order to avoid harsher penalties.

A defense lawyer will guide you through the Title IX investigation and hearing. They will prepare your testimony and negotiate a settlement with the school and other parties. They can also represent your interests before the panel at your Title IX Hearing.

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