New Line of Shower Curtain Systems Announced by Lorton Group

The Lorton Group announces the launch of new shower curtain systems for residential, medical and general high traffic areas such as university restrooms and military bases.

The Lorton Group announces the launch of a new shower Curtain systems product line, designed for private consumers, healthcare center facilities and other areas such as military bases or university campuses. A trusted name in the manufacturing and distribution industry, the Lorton Group is best known for their cabin curtains. The new shower curtain system is designed to meet the different needs of shower rooms regardless of type and size.

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That Shower curtain solutions includes two types of shower curtains and their rods with corresponding dimensions with accessories. The two styles of curtains are Grommet Shower Curtains and PRVC System Shower Curtains. The hardware in the line includes a variety of the required shower curtain rods and other components needed to securely install the curtains in any setting.

The eyelet shower curtains from Lorton group are the more common type of traditional shower curtains. These grommet shower curtains are compatible with all regular shower rod hooks. The eyelet edges are flat and 10% wider than the bar length. The distance from the floor to the pole is the height of the curtain, and they usually hang about 1 inch off the floor.

PRVC Systems shower curtains are another traditional shower curtain solution that is more suitable for hospitals and relevant medical institutions. The PRVC shower curtains are specially designed to be changed and washed easily and quickly. The curtains will not snag on the curtain track over time as they are smoother and quieter than any other grommet shower curtain available today.

The Lorton Group provides services and goods to public and private hospitals, military operated facilities, VA hospitals, nursing homes, college campuses and physician offices, as well as other contractors and distributors.

Material choices for eyelet and PRVC curtains include fabric and vinyl curtains. All curtains are 72 inches long as standard and are anti-microbial, meaning they inhibit bacteria, mold or fungal growth. Every curtain manufactured by Lorton Group meets NFPA 701 flame spread requirements for vertical flammability. The fabric curtains are made of 100% FR polyester and customers can choose from different colors to match their bathroom decor. The vinyl curtains are flame retardant, stain and odor resistant and anti-static.

Shower curtain rods and other related installation hardware are also part of this product line. To facilitate the easy installation of shower curtains, the traditional range of curtains includes a variety of shower rods. The traditional shower curtain system is designed for use in a variety of environments, from university campuses to hospital cubicles and intensive care units; As such, the available rod and curtain track options are more complete and suitable for all settings. Customers can choose from straight stainless steel curtain rods to adjustable bends and arches for curtain rails. A wide range is available to suit the needs of any facility or space. The line also includes other accessories, such as hooks and rings, for both eyelet and PRVC shower curtains. The accessories are available in multiple packs that can be used as replacements.

To learn more about the Lorton Group line of traditional shower curtains and to view all the possible hardware and fabric options available for the curtains, visit their website at

About the Lorton Group

The Lorton Group was founded in 2010. The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of textile products such as traditional hospital cabin curtains, shower curtains, as well as curtain systems for patient lifting and non-ceiling mounted curtain systems for cabins. The brand also provides services and merchandise for public and private hospitals, military-operated facilities, VA hospitals, nursing homes, college campuses, and medical offices, as well as other contractors and distributors.


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