What Is Towing Services

If you find yourself stranded with your vehicle, you should call a towing service immediately. These companies can offer a range of services, from light-duty towing for small cars to heavy-duty towing for buses or trucks.

Many towing companies offer flatbed towing and hauling services for luxury cars and other vehicles. However, these types of towing services can be expensive.

Flatbed towing

Laweta is one of the safest and most efficient ways to transport a vehicle. Unlike dollies, which require the wheels to be in contact with the road, flatbed trucks lift the car up onto their long truck beds. This makes them safer for everyone involved, especially pedestrians. Furthermore, the cars do not take as much wear and tear during transportation because they are off the road.

HONK offers flatbed towing services in most of the United States. These services come in handy when your car breaks down or gets damaged, or even to transport your prized classic car to its new home. These towing companies will use a flatbed towing truck equipped with a hydraulic crane to haul your vehicle onto its truck bed.

Heavy trailer towing

When it comes to heavy trailer towing, you need a truck that has enough towing capacity and the right hitch. Often, truck manufacturers provide maximum towing capacities for their models in the owner’s manual. However, this figure may not include the vehicle’s cab weight.

In addition to the cargo in your trailer, payload also includes the weight of passengers and equipment. Generally, the load is measured at the vehicle’s curb weight. This figure does not include the fuel, engine size, and transmission capacity. It does not even include the vehicle’s GVWR. Therefore, you should calculate your vehicle’s towing capacity and subtract the payload to find its maximum towing capability. You should always leave a safety margin. Otherwise, you risk causing damage to your truck and trailer.

Light-duty towing

Light-duty towing services typically include standard and regular roadside assistance services, such as flat tires, engine stalls, jump-starts, and removal of abandoned cars from private property. They are also used for routine towing tasks, such as clearing traffic collisions and accidents on public roads. However, light-duty trucks are limited by their weight capacity and can only tow vehicles of similar sizes.

If you need a vehicle towed over long distances, consider using wheel-lift towing services. These tow trucks use a hydraulic system and two bars that secure the back wheels of your vehicle. They are ideal for small, lightweight vehicles and are often used in busy cities to get your car out of tight spots. They are also less expensive than other towing options.

Medium-duty towing

Medium-duty towing services offer emergency car services for vehicles that are unable to drive on their own. These services can include removing abandoned cars, accident recovery, and even towing trailers. In addition, they can also provide equipment hauling services for heavy trucks and machinery. These trucks can be equipped with boom lifts and low-profile trailers to handle large vehicles.

When calling for a medium-duty tow truck, be sure to tell the dispatcher your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This information can help them efficiently recommend which service trucks can handle your car.

Additionally, be sure to close all windows of your car before loading it onto the truck. Doing this will reduce the risk of theft and damage. It will also help keep your car cooler during transport.

Heavy-duty towing

If a vehicle breaks down or isn’t safe to drive, you’ll need emergency car services to tow it. These towing services can help you move your broken-down car to a new location or a mechanic for repair. They can also be used to remove abandoned cars and assist victims of roadside accidents.

Light-duty towing services involve towing sedans and smaller vehicles. This type of towing is typically offered by conventional tow trucks. This type of truck is usually equipped with flatbeds, low-profile trailer options, and landolls.

Heavy-duty towing involves moving larger vehicles and equipment. These tow trucks are often equipped with 25-ton boom lifts, winches, and 6-ton wheel lifts. They’re also able to carry more weight and provide more power. This makes them a valuable tool for truckers and emergency service personnel.

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